Aluminum awnings have a wide variety of commercial and residential applications. They make superior coverings for exterior doors, windows, docks, carports, and storefronts, to name a few. Adding aluminum awnings and canopies to your property can not only protect your patio or outdoor area from the weather, but they can also improve the efficiency, comfort, and style of your commercial or residential spaces

Over windows, doors or patios, Awnings are a decorative and functional addition to any home. The beauty of awnings is that they shield the heat and glare of the sun, keeping the interior of your home cooler and increasing energy efficiency during the warm summer months.


Freestanding or attached, a carport will beautifully and economically protect your car from the harmful effects of sun, rain, snow, and other extremes of weather. Available with optional skylites in a variety of sizes and configurations designed to tastefully complement your home and surroundings.

Step Down Window and Door Awnings

Each awning is custom made in all sizes and colors. Protect your carpets, drapes and furniture from sun damage and fading. Shield woodwork and paint from rain, wind and snow. Reduce air conditioning costs and keep your home cooler.

Lexan Awnings

Lets’ the sun shine through, has UV protection, while protecting you from rain & snow. The Lexan awning is unbreakable, totally maintenance free and made from impact resistant space age clear or smoked plastic. Its unique beautiful design is available with decorative artwork trim and engraved house numbers.

Basement Stairwell Cover

Basement doors are notorious for leaking. An awning over the stairwell will prevent as much water as possible from entering the basement.